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Managed Retirement Solutions

Built to perform

Retirement takes a lifetime to earn. Our solutions are designed to evolve with participants, incorporating appropriate levels of market exposure and wealth preservation. No matter where your participants are in their retirement journey, Bank of Oklahoma has a solution that will help them reach their goals.

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Stability. Experience. Knowledge.

  • Over 75 years managing money

  • More than $100 billion in wealth assets under management or administration

  • Over 900 dedicated wealth management employees

Our investment management approach

  • Our investment process is characterized by a long-term strategic approach, employed by a diverse team of investment professionals, each with unique areas of expertise. Focusing on the process, not historical performance, improves the chance of sustained success. This approach allows us to remain calm, yet cautious, in challenging market environments, and to seek targeted opportunities as investments go in and out of favor.

  • Our team of professionals closely monitors capital markets, asset allocation, and portfolio construction, while conducting ongoing analysis on investment managers. We seek to add value through fundamental research on manager selection, asset allocation, style and index selection.

  • Our team is regularly monitoring the market and economy, and will adjust our portfolio allocations to fit our outlook over the short term. We seek to both manage risk and provide additional return through these tactical allocation changes.

  • Simply put, we believe in a combination of the two approaches, rather than utilizing only active managers or only passive index funds. We utilize passive managers to provide exposure to the market at a low cost and utilize active managers to add alpha in specific areas of the market.

  • Our portfolios include investments in sub-asset classes across fixed income and equity, as well as alternatives. We seek to diversify portfolios not only by asset class exposure, but by style and manner of investing. It is one of many ways we manage risk. Diversification into sub-asset classes that perform differently over time produces better results.

  • We seek to invest with best-in-class managers that have a proven process and a competitive track record, and in whom we have confidence their approach will deliver results.

How we manage money

When it comes to helping plan participants meet their long-term retirement goals, we understand that managing downside risk is as important as delivering competitive returns. To achieve these objectives, we manage money through multiple facets of analysis and decision-making.

  • Portfolio management and oversight

    Asset allocation decisions, and the selection and monitoring of investment managers.

  • Asset class exposure

    Determining exposures within traditional and alternative asset classes and sub-asset classes.

  • Style exposure

    Diversifying across styles and type of strategies, including the strategic decision whether to use active or passive management.

  • Managers

    Selection of investment managers to be achieve the portfolio objectives and ensure diversification by strategy.

Investment options

Comprehensive, professionally managed investment portfolios help to ease due diligence responsibilities, and broadly diversified portfolios help to fulfill fiduciary requirements.

Our target-date funds employ a moderate glide path, designed to maximize return in the accumulation phase and reduce volatility as retirement approaches. The glide path takes the investor through retirement and beyond, leverages our differentiated investment management approach, and offers a competitive track record over a 15-year history.

Our risk/return funds provide managed portfolio solutions leveraging our differentiated investment management approach to offer solutions that fit the investor’s desired level of risk and return.

Single-asset funds are suited to investors who want to target a specific asset class and employ diversification among sub-asset class exposures. These funds are designed to create value through careful sub-asset class allocation, manager selection and ongoing monitoring by our investment management team.

Our partners

We partner with leading investment teams to deliver competitive solutions for retirement plan participants.

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