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Corporate Debt Financing

When bond holders turn to you, who do you turn to? Repay your clients' trust with results from experienced professionals who have managed some of the largest bankruptcy deals in the U.S.
a judge using their gavel to finalize the verdict on a corporate bankruptcy.
  • Default & Bankruptcy Administration
    Our Corporate Trust team has experience in the administration of defaults and bankruptcies. We have managed defaults and bankruptcies for both secured and unsecured debt issues throughout the nation. We've offered corporate trust services since 1949 and today our parent company, BOK Financial, ranks as a top 30 U.S. based financial services company.
  • Successor Trusteeship
    In situations where the current trustee is unable to perform that role, we are able to act as successor trustee. We provide services for existing bond issues, both pre- and post-default. We strive to work with bondholders and issuers to find the best solutions for each situation, while working diligently to minimize expenses.
  • Your Guide to Corporate Transactions
    American Airlines, Caesars Entertainment and Cengage Learning are just a few of the organizations that we've assisted with corporate default and bankruptcy. We've offered our guidance and excellent customer service at every turn.

How Can We Help You?

Our Corporate Trust team stands ready to assist you.