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Business Access

Your Connection to Essential Business Solutions

Our Business Access account provides you with key checking features to help you confidently manage and grow your business- with no monthly service fee.1

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Our online deposit platform is hosted by Blend Labs, Inc.

business owner utilizing BOK Financial's Business Access account to ease their companies financial needs.

Easily manage your daily financial activities

Our Business Access account offers a variety of benefits to help you stay on top of your finances so you can focus on your business.

  • Our Business Access accounts come with no monthly service fee, so you don't need to pay for services you won't use. 1

  • Your Business Access account comes with a free business debit card and unlimited transactions. Plus, pay securely online or through our mobile app with unlimited bill pay transactions.

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  • Keep track of all your transactions in one place - anytime, anywhere. Check your balances, transfer money and set mobile alerts so you always know your account's status.

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  1. Potential paper statement and branch cash deposit fees may apply.

Additional Information

Get started with an online application, visit one of our Banking Centers or call a business bankers at 800-234-6181 to apply.

Monthly Service Fee:
There is no monthly service fee for our Business Access account, no matter what your account balance.1

Monthly Paper Statement Fee:
If you choose to receive a monthly paper statement, a statement fee of $2 will be assessed each month. To avoid this fee, you can turn off paper statements by logging into Online or Mobile Access, selecting “online only,” and accepting the Online Statement Terms and Conditions.

Monthly Branch Cash Deposit Fee:
Up to $3,000 in branch cash deposits for free each month; $3 per additional $1,000 cash deposited in branch thereafter

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Our online deposit platform is hosted by Blend Labs, Inc.

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