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What's the easiest way to save money?

Do it automatically. That's why we started QuickSave, an automatic savings program designed to help you meet your savings goals effortlessly.
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An Automatic Savings Program

Saving for the future is important but we know it's not easy — especially when you go it alone. Now you have a partner to help you at Bank of Oklahoma. QuickSave℠ is a simple way to save money and reach your goals quickly. Every time you use your debit card for a qualifying purchase, we'll automatically transfer an amount of your choosing (either $0.25 or $0.50) into savings. We'll even match up to $250 per year to help you maximize your savings.
  • QuickSave makes saving money easy and automatic — you'll hardly notice the extra few cents tacked on to each purchase, and it will make a big difference at the end of the year when you see how much you've saved. It adds up quick!
  • With QuickSave you can earn up to $250 in free money, just by taking advantage of Bank of Oklahoma match. For the first three months of the year, we'll match 100% of your savings. Thereafter, we'll match 5%.
  • Because your money is automatically transferred into your Bank of Oklahoma savings or money market account, you'll earn interest on it right away. We offer competitive savings account rates so your money can work for you, no matter how much you have in savings. Visit our deposit rates to learn more.

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How It Works

It's easy. You enroll in the QuickSave program. You choose a QuickSave transfer amount, either $.50 or $.25. We transfer money to your savings each time you use your Bank of Oklahoma Visa® Debit Card or Bank of Oklahoma electronic Online Bill Pay service. We even match a portion of your savings.

At the end of each business day, we determine the number of Debit Card and Online Bill Pay transactions that are eligible QuickSave transactions. We multiply the number of eligible transactions by your QuickSave transfer amount, then we make a QuickSave transfer; that is, we move a single credit amount to your savings or money market account.

For example, if you have three eligible transactions (Debit Card or electronic Online Bill Pay) and your QuickSave transfer amount is $.50, we will deduct $1.50 from your checking account and credit your savings or money market account with $1.50.

Eligible transactions made on a non-business day will be combined with eligible transactions made on the following business day. The term "business day" means every day except Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays.

The QuickSave transfer will not be processed on any day that sufficient funds are not available or if the QuickSave transfer would result in an overdraft. In such a case, the QuickSave transfer will not be processed at a later date.

You may change your QuickSave transfer amount at any time by telephone or by visiting any Bank of Oklahoma branch location.

For additional program details, see the QuickSave Terms and Conditions.

Estimate Your Savings
Debit Card Purchases (number per month)
Online BillPay Payments (number per month)
QuickSaveSM Amount
QuickSaveSM Annual Savings
Debit Card Purchases
BillPay Payments
Annual Savings
Our Contribution
First 3 Months (100% match)
Next 9 Months (5% match)
Year 1 Match
Yearly Match will not exceed $250.00
Total Projected Year 1 Savings

Purchases you make with your Visa® Debit Card (signature or PIN-based) are eligible transactions. The purchase must result in a debit transaction that posts to your preselected, personal Bank of Oklahoma checking account. The purchase of foreign currency, traveler's checks, cashier's checks and other similar instruments are not eligible transactions. All other transactions conducted using your Debit Card such as deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfers, credits, pre-authorizations, reversals, and other checking account inquiries are not eligible transactions, including any and all small dollar transactions not executed within the spirit of the program (i.e. multiple $1 transactions).

All electronic Bank of Oklahoma Online Bill Pay transactions are eligible transactions except for those small dollar transactions not executed within the spirit of the program (i.e. multiple $1 transactions). Online Bill Pay transactions that do not result in an electronic transfer of money are not eligible transactions. These non-eligible transactions post to your account (and are listed on your statement) as a paper check.

If the eligible Debit Card or electronic Online Bill Pay debit transaction is later cancelled or reversed, the original QuickSave transfer will remain in your savings or money market account.

To enroll for QuickSave you must have at least one Bank of Oklahoma personal checking account, linked to a Bank of Oklahoma personal savings or money market account and an open Visa® Debit Card with Bank of Oklahoma.

You may link up to three personal checking accounts to one QuickSave enrolled savings or money market account. You may have only one personal savings or money market account enrolled in the QuickSave program. At least one checking account owner must also be an owner on the personal savings or money market account.

Enrollment in the QuickSave program requires that you receive a combined statement; the savings will be linked to a personal checking account.

After three successive months of no eligible QuickSave transactions your account will be un-enrolled and any accrued bank match awards will be forfeited.

The QuickSave program is available only in association with personal accounts. The program is not available to business entities.

Each year we will automatically transfer the bank match award to your personal savings or money market account within 6-8 weeks after your QuickSave enrollment anniversary date.

During the first three months after your enrollment in the QuickSave program, we will match 100% of your QuickSave transfers. Afterwards, we will match 5% of your QuickSave transfers.

To receive the bank match award, at the time the bank match award is credited, you must be enrolled in and actively using the QuickSave program. Both of your enrolled accounts (savings or money market and checking) must be open and in good standing.

The bank match award is limited to $250 annually.

You are only eligible for one three-month 100% bank match award. If you enroll in the QuickSave program and we determine that you were previously enrolled and have already received a three-month 100% bank match award, we may immediately and without notice to you disqualify related transactions or reduce the bank match amount.

The amount of the bank match award paid to you will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099 as earned interest in accordance with IRS guidelines.

We may suspend, terminate or change the QuickSave program and/or these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. We may also un-enroll your account(s) from the QuickSave program and/or disqualify any or all transactions, eligible or otherwise, in our sole discretion including any and all small dollar transactions not executed within the spirit of the program (i.e. multiple $1 transactions).

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